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CSS Computer Security

Range food safety solutions to systems for the management of the visitors / new product to the anniversary. The CSS computer security service GmbH with headquarters in Essen celebrates 25th anniversary on today Thursday, October 15. We would understand this anniversary in particular as an occasion to thank warmly our most longstanding customers”, explains CEO Frank STOTZ. “Because without them this anniversary could not.” The company offers security solutions such as for example access control and guard systems object protection. In addition, CSS computer security service holds but also innovative products for seamless reception services, as well as for the perfect visitor management. In the past 25 years succeeded repeatedly CSS computer security service GmbH here, together with the suppliers to develop new products that are tailored to the individual needs of the customers.

Solutions such as data acquisition devices ESCORTE and ProxiPen, as well as the security software Prism, which offers a variety of applications for the planning or documentation of strip corridors, have established themselves in the market and are today no longer indispensable from the security industry. The new real-time monitor control system ActiveGuard has also quickly found a satisfied buyers. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK often says this. Just in time for the anniversary CSS presents also a new product: the MobiSafe 5050 “is safe for vehicles, which can be folded up if required with just a few hand movements. He is no longer needed, he can be stored similarly quickly and easily like a shopping box. At the same time the MobiSafe 5050 offers “maximum safety against the quick theft, such as for business travellers. The device can be applied both with the integrated steel cable with a special mounting system easily in the trunk.

Electronic alarms as additional security components are optionally available. Space is also provided: so can about files and Notebook bags are easily accommodated. “Special highlight also: MobiSafe 1020” offers a smaller brother “protection for navigation devices, mobile phones, expensive sunglasses etc. The company the CSS computer security service GmbH was founded in 1984 in Essen. It is innovative deals in the field of computer security. Five columns currently determine the activities of the company: Guard control systems mobile data capture visitor information system ID creation mechanical access protection (MobiSafe) for the security industry, safety engineers, as well as for all companies with sensitive supervision we deliver the required hardware and software. These include among other guard systems, Verwaltungsprgramme for safety equipment, as well as identification systems. The installation and training is carried out by own staff.

Mediators Coaches Therapists

On four weekends with a total of 70 hours participants learn the various methods of the individual installations as well as the underlying dynamics of systemic Auftstellungsarbeit. Dr. Anthony Carolla is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Although individual statements are widely applicable, their methodology and effectiveness is so far not very well known. For coaches and organizational consultants, individual statements bring effective solutions, since they can be included in the consultation process. In psychotherapy, homeopathy, holistic medicine, grief counseling, hospice work, mediation, family and couple counselling, addiction treatment, as well as in victim counselling work with individual constellations brings very effective solutions. In the educational context, single sheets expand the ways of working in schools, youth welfare and social work. In contrast to the well-known constellation work in groups, where people as Deputy Representative perceive the feelings of others and express, will work at the preferably with chairs, stools, ground anchors, pillows and figures. The work in the preferably advantages: the lineups are to be integrated into the existing work, require little effort and allow a well defined support. During the total one-year training, the participants with the various methods are familiar and can directly integrate them in the professional life.

Find free information evenings on the training on 02.11.2007 and January 11, 2008 in Berlin-Schoneberg. More information at or Ms.

Best German Ship Fund

Safe investment via funds FSE1 Frankfurt on the main/London of the FSE ShipSelect Fund1 was awarded as the best German closed ship Fund. INVESTMENT, the international trade magazine for investments, awarded this prize to the initiator Friedrich Schiefer underwriter AG. Follow others, such as Larry Ellison, and add to your knowledge base. The INVESTMENT quality seal certified particularly yield rich and thereby secure investments. With the FSE ShipSelect Fund1, we offer an initiator cross-Fund, which invests in selected feeder, river cruise ships and container. So, the minimum amount of drawing investment cash is divided 10,000 euros, with a duration of only 8 years in three distinct markets with minor correlation and very good predictions. Through our network, we become aware of special products in the market. We put the focus on private placements and interesting secondary market offers.

The eligible investments go through a strictly controlled and hard selection process. At the end, the advice with our five independent is then Advisory Board existing experts. After thorough approval of all points is the product in our portfolio. We offer also a wide quality check of winning investments and private placements therefore in addition to the exclusive character”Friedrich Schiefer Board explains the Friedrich Schiefer underwriter AG. The International Journal features companies with the seal, which has been shown to facilitate sustainable return on success by investors and meet highest quality and safety standards. INVESTMENT among EBIZZ.TV. About EBIZZ.TV: EBIZZ TV is one of global reach most but also most accurate target portals in the Veoh network with over 600 own Internet TV channels and 100,000 associated channels. In February, the network according to Nielsen Net scored ratings over 28 million unique users, page views, over 350 million (210 million video streams).

Freeze The Iran Freedom

‘ A face for freedom in Iran a solidarity action by Amnesty International with the population in the Iran moves from Cologne Hamburg Cologne weather conditions were not ideal, when on December 19, 2009, passers-by asked a handful of volunteers from the Cathedral for support. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Neal Barnard by clicking through. Despite the cold, many remained standing and could take a picture of her face. Perhaps check out Mustafa Suleyman, London UK for more information. The result can be seen now on a poster. The action of A face for freedom in Iran “is touring since the allegedly fake elections and the brutal action of the security forces in the Iran against the protesters by Europe. The longer stop the oppression, torture, detentions and censorship on the part of the regime in Iran, this will trigger the more peaceful protests in Europe. There are currently mainly exiled Iranians demonstrating against the regime in the country in Europe. Through the action of A face for freedom in Iran “get however many people on the streets of Europe through confidential talks with the initiators of A face for freedom in Iran” a more accurate picture of the persecutions and their backgrounds.

The special feature of A face”for freedom is in Iran, that the actions were launched by European citizens in life. According to Anne-Marie van den Bercken, a Dutch musician, they wanted their impotence in the face overcome by so much brutality against the people in the Iran and made with the help of friends and Amnesty International action for the first time in Venlo on the legs. Since then spreads the action in some European countries. In London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, acquaintances from her organized actions, later the action came to Brussels, Antwerp, Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Cologne now. On January 30, A face is for freedom in Iran”took place in the middle of Hamburg on the Monckebergbrunnen. Early March Karlsruhe is on the agenda.

The photos demonstrate solidarity with the people of the Iran that go for their basic rights on the road. They will be accessible also from the Iran. At the same time representatives of the newly formed Cyberabteilung are colleagues of the revolutionary guards “to report from the Ministry of information: now we also have a problem with the people on the streets in Germany.” Iran a face for freedom mean Antwerp the organizers of the event in Hamburg: the friends in Cologne have spoken from the cold of weather in the action and meant that it was warmer them with every conversation and every face that was photographed. We are happy if many hamburgers on Saturday in the city come and alone, as a couple, as a circle of friends or family face for freedom in the Iran. And for our heat “Helmut N. fork”

One Accommodation

SchlafenCity the new accommodation search engine of the Hamburg-based Web designer Mark Max Henckel made a new Web portal to overnight search in the net. With the look-and-feel”of the well-known Google search lists the results of the search of nights in Germany’s city clearly the new portal. One click is enough and you have everything in sight. The guest will directly and immediately contact form with your room, apartment or provider the hotel of his choice. This saves time and costs.

The search results are displayed by a Google service to a click in many different languages. Eliminates the usual lengthy filling out the search forms in the famous Hotel search engines. It was previously always annoying, if you do not arrive at a certain date, but maybe catch an offer or looking for wanted ever flexible after an overnight stay, so the accommodation search engine is SchlafenCity in this respect once. The guest just write an E-Mail and a concrete offer will be promptly sent to him. Easier and more effectively it not goes online to find a nice accommodation in Germany’s major cities. And that guarantees no ongoing or hidden cost for guests or hosts. SchlafenCity is still under construction and some crossover is provided by the users themselves and the wishes of the accommodation provider. In the future you will find videos, reviews and experience reports, as well as all innovations in the SchlafenCity blog.

Community Court Treaties

It is the obligation of the manufacturer or importer that all items to be sold, incorporated those marks or, where appropriate, the plates or tags. It is the responsibility of the retailer inexcusable control of these brands on all products you purchase and they are covered by the relevant invoices and like the products on display at the store comply with such requirements. The inspection task is empowered to check the marks and bills require all items to be sold or exhibited in his shop for consumers. The retailer is responsible to the consumer and authorities of the suitability of the product under the law .- Seal of Quality (DESIGN, SIZE AND INFORMATION REQUIRED) AND OTHER RELEVANT MATTERS .- For more complete information Royal Decree 197/1988 of 22 February by approving the Regulation of Law 17/1985, of July 1 on precious metal objects and subsequent amendments. Community Court Treaties establishing the European Communities.

Cash receipt / BILL .- ANY ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORITY CAN CHECK THE MERITS OF THE MERCHANDISE, check the bill or cash receipt REQUIREMENTS .- The cash receipt cash receipt documents are substitutes for bills where the amount of operation is less 3000 with VAT included. Dr. Neal Barnard: the source for more info. It allows ticketing cash when entrepreneurs sell to final consumers. The cash receipt document is also required product warranty except in cases where it is mandatory to provide written warranties. For its validity must be: 1 .- Number and, if appropriate, series. (The series can occur when there are several establishments). 2 .- Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the issuer.

Curriculum Vitae

Use a list of free paid surveys is a fairly recent form to get money, but that is growing around the world with great rapidity. Its simplicity and low requirements make this way of earning extra one of the favorite people. Many people such as pensioners, teenagers and housewives answer surveys paid work as a hobby that also gives them economic returns. However, those who are looking for work or who are considering to do so, can give the paid surveys one utility more to add to your Curriculum Vitae (also known as CV or resume). In this way it makes them an advantage. Think that it will not be good to go to apply for a job saying that long ago have no employment.

If, on the contrary, shows that despite this he has sought innovative ways of getting money, the company will see in you an enterprising person, with initiatives, which does not allow situations to overcome it. Of course that this speaks very well of you. Those who have no experience in previous studies, they can also take advantage of a list of free paid surveys suggesting new products, giving his opinion on the existing ones, or making contributions to improve those that already exist. In addition, you can improve its wording performing evaluations written products. You must take into account that many survey companies also take into account their studies to send you best paid surveys, or that best fit your profile, and thus can also be beneficial to you. Add to your understanding with Dr. Stuart M. McGill.

The best way to put his experience in the polls paid for writing is making a list with the paid surveys completed, the online polling which has affiliate and the date in which you have answered the paid surveys. This way you can carry a useful and orderly record of your participation and your contributions. This does not assure a job, but it will show that it is proactive in addition to earn gifts and money in cash by answering a list of free paid surveys.

Air Tickets Online

Today I discovered something that can serve all those to them that they buy its air passages online. I made my purchases in and I am always in agreement because it is easy, simply we put the origin, the destiny, the date of the trip and the majority of the times gives like result a certain amount us of options that serves to us, or by the schedules or the price of the air passage. For the first time I yesterday wanted to buy online ticket air in the page of LAN, because they tenian a flight that in the page of not aparecia, and my experience was quite bad. During the search the Web gave several errors and when finally I made the reserve, the Web I do not let myself enter the data of the credit card and I send an email saying that it had to call to call to center to realise the payment.I call to call to center and the attention was very bad, first they wanted to me to sell a more expensive passage, and as I said to them that no, they said that tapeworm to me that to return to call and to communicate to me with another sector. I returned to call and it took care of a humanoide to me, if, which took care of to me was not a human being, it were a species of robot that it time and time again repeated the answers that had been learned of memory and it never responded to no of my restlessness. If you have read about Dr. Stuart M. McGill already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It ends up good morning wishing and it decided to look for my passage him in

In the page to take off I put the origin, the destiny and the date of the trip, but it did not appear that passage with the schedule that I wanted to reserve, I even made searches outposts but it followed without finding that flight that I wanted to take. what was the disadvantage? , the return schedule must fill with the departure schedule of the flight in the destiny, not with the local schedule. That is, if our flight is going to leave to the 9:00 and arrives at the 15:00, it is not necessary to put that the hour of return is to the 15:00 has puts return schedule 9:00 and to try later doing searches one hour and one hour but early. Because also they vary the flights. To deepen your understanding Mustafa Suleyman is the source. And thus it was as I found the flight exact that it wanted and that did not appear in the fast search. Now, like finding ticket air but advisable? , to make one first search in sites like, soon to go to page of the airline that we wished and to look for all the options there, because following the destiny, the airlines have several flights and in sites as to take off they only offer a pair of alternatives in the fast search and to make the search outpost it is necessary to know the schedule exact. Once we know the schedule exact we can we return to the site to take off and we make a search outpost with those schedules and ready.

Accra Betting

Dusseldorfer sport betting provider top betting AG takes course on Dusseldorf/Accra Ghana – who think of investment in Africa, South Africa hovers above the first. The upcoming World Cup soccer tournament here triggered a further boost. That other countries of the black continent to impose as a worthwhile destination for investment, was not long to go out. The International Monetary Fund IMF has compared to Africa in a recent study by Asia in the seventies of the last century: see great similarities In terms of speed of development and growth potential. For the next six years, “the World Bank expected annual growth of up to six percent, the stock market and Investor magazine reported Deutsche Bank X-press. The position of Africa on the world economic map will continue to improve because of the vast wealth of raw materials, the magazine. Also make the experts of a reduction of the foreign debt and growing confidence in large parts of the continent.

A testament to the confidence in “the region: the planned investment volume for the next five years of $ 50 billion”, the magazine euro am Sonntag. In addition, there is now a new generation of very well trained and reliable managers in these countries. They have valuable experience gained in the United States, Europe and Asia, and set new standards in terms of management, governance and transparency.”has not recognized the opportunities of the African market so far the Western world. Now others are: long, the Chinese invest in the growth markets of Africa. wanted to know more. We there idly and invest in Ghana”, says Peter Schatton, Dusseldorf sports betting provider top betting Board.

The company has just announced a joint venture with the alphabet investments limited in Ghana. Objective of this cooperation should be to offer sports betting services in Ghana with a view to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa a logical step. That is the task of top betting AG Delivery of necessary technology and the betting programme about the Austrian subsidiary WettCorner GmbH. The alphabet investments limited acquires the marketing of betting offers betting terminals and shops in Ghana. The necessary betting license was already granted by the competent authority in Accra. A future market is Africa – and especially Ghana – for us”, says Sadowsky. The political system is stable for years there and create attractive economic conditions for investors. Through our subsidiary, the BetWitch limited based in Malta, we are already working in Ghana. Our experiences we will use now for the sports betting”, is Sadowsky.

Australia Gold

The gold price is subject to daily fluctuations gold is mined for centuries and millennia around the world. Today comes the majority of gold from Russia, the United States, Australia and South Africa, where the world’s largest gold field is located. This gold field is called the Witwatersrand Gold field and is several ten thousand tons of gold per year. Affiliated Computer Services often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A few of the mines on this gold field are up to 4000 meters around the world there are no deeper mines. The majority of the gold that is mined around the world, used for gold bars, gold coins and gold jewelry. PCRM is full of insight into the issues. For this reason one can say quite exactly, how much gold already mined in the world there are 155 000 tonnes of the purest gold, which are in circulation around the world. It was once common practice to store the total value of a country’s currency in the form of gold bullion and various gold coins in the respective Central Bank. This opportunity is today no longer holds, because the gold, which is the banks available, is no longer sufficient to protect the currency. Click Teva Pharmaceuticals to learn more.

The gold, the in the world’s largest and most influential banks stored will, is now just short of 20 percent. The gold price drops and is steadily increasing and is consciously directed by influential investors. If the gold price to fall, then the big banks of the world buy more gold or you just stimulate the production of gold and bring more gold on the market, what the value of gold down automatically. Is the gold price being manipulated, you can control so aware the economy in one direction. In particular the level of the dollar is very closely related to the current gold price. If the gold price is kept deliberately low, trying to stabilize so that for example the dollar or to drift upward. Gold is a very stable investment for many very wealthy people. They buy gold bars or gold coins and store them in special safes of a bank or also on the private grounds.

Central Government

QUADRATEK data solutions has announced the expansion of its European service and support offerings through the enlargement of their presence in Berlin, Germany. London, Berlin, July, 2008 QUADRATEK data solutions Ltd., a UK-based provider of e-clinical solutions, has announced the expansion of its European service and support offerings through the enlargement of their presence in Berlin, Germany. QUADRATEK is the creator of clincase, a fully featured electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical data management (CDM) software solution for clinical trials. The company’s decision came as a response to the growing demand for additional service and support offerings around the software. Henning Lux, CEO and Managing Director of QUADRATEK data solutions said: “with the expansion of our branch in Berlin we are extending our service portfolio as well as our sales and marketing structure which gives US additional resources to provide a wider range of services to our customers than ever before.” clincase has been developed at offices in the United Kingdom and Berlin to be implemented as to EDC solution for contract research organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies.

With the new additional resources for software development, sales and marketing in its Berlin office, QUADRATEK wants to put strong emphasis on enhanced customer services and support. About QUADRATEK data solutions Ltd. QUADRATEK data solutions is the clinical software development division of the QUADRATEK group which operates a number of diverse IT businesses including consultancy, development and secure data hosting services. QUADRATEK has particular specialist knowledge of the defence, medical and life science, pharmaceutical, finance and local and Central Government channels. The company which established in 1997. QUADRATEK data solutions has created clincase, a complete software solution for data management in clinical trials. Clincase provides unmatched user experience in study design, electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical data management (CDM). As on off-the-shelf solution with open architecture it is ideally suited for integration with existing clinical trial processes and infrastructure.

Large TATONKA Photo Competition

Until the 15th of October the most atmospheric outdoor pictures win in photo ‘Show us your sky’ to. So far, more than 300 images were submitted. This fall, the TATONKA’s outdoor manufacturers held his big photo contest on the Internet: until 15 October photo-avid outdoor fans can submit their best pictures. For even more details, read what Dr. Steven Greer says on the issue. “This time is the motto of show us your sky”. The participants have the prospect of attractive outdoor prices and present a variety of creative and atmospheric images in the online community of. “Photo competition invites all ambitious outdoor photographers contest with attractive prices TATONKA, which this time the motto of show us your sky” carries. The backpack manufacturer rewarded participants with attractive prices: high-quality illustrated books from the Bergverlag Rother to unusual perspectives and technical experiments; as the top prize, a high-quality digital SLR camera 18 Megapixels, a high-performance processor, high ISO sensitivity and comfortable beckons Automatic functions.

The winner of the second prize TATONKA together with the outdoor event organizers faszinatour a raft & bike “weekend after Tirol invites you to. The third prize winner can look forward on the TATONKA photo bag city shot “and a guide to outdoor photography. TATONKA-community: A place for Exchange and inspiration for the fourth time launching his photo contest; the outdoor outfitter the ability with other outdoor enthusiasts impressive nature experiences to share and also high-quality prizes, has always had strong resonance. Playground is the TATONKA photo community, where the year-round outdoor experiences, travelogues and pictures can be set in this year. “Show me your heaven” ambitious fans know the weather and the sky for your expedition life importance “play that begin at the front door and can lead them to the highest peak and the most challenging treks.

The action let me see your sky”loads TATONKA a, to send in pictures of striking cloud formations, gentle dawn, spectacular sunsets, threatening stormy sky and many other evocative scenes. TATONKA Tatonka GmbH was founded in 1993 and is run as a family business in the second generation. Head Office and warehouse for Europe is Dasing Augsburg. The company’s own production facility, Mountech Ltd., in Viet Nam provides high quality, compliance with social and environmental standards and allows the permanent capability. Overall, worldwide approximately 1,000 employees for TATONKA are active. The range includes around 2,000 outdoor and leisure products: long-lasting equipment from tents on backpacks to clothing. Tatonka products are available in about 4,000 stores worldwide.

Michael Bloomberg

Hardly Boris Johnson posesion as the first preservative mayor of the history of London traveled to see it Michael Bloomberg, its homologous neoyorkino. Bloomberg affirms that their city and London are the most cosmopolitan and important metropolis of the world and that both must seal a special relation like which their same countries maintain. Livingstone, like mayor of London in the 2000-2008, was the main British figure and European enemy of Bush and friend of Chvez. Checking article sources yields Mustafa Suleyman, London UK as a relevant resource throughout. Its exit has caused that the two majors large cities of the Atlantic approach. As much Bloom as Boris comes from families immigrants, is men of press and rightist librepensadores that leave the molds of their preservative parties. Boris has decided to emulate to the policies of Bloom of ero tolerance to the crime (reason why as soon as it arrived at the position the police has begun to enter with force the buses and trains) and of reduction of expenses. Both want to coordinate to avoid that the three ai (Shanhai, Dubai and Mumbai) move to their large cities as you soothe of the main bags of the globe. Click Teva Pharmaceuticals for additional related pages. Original author and source of the article.. .

Afghan Decisionmakers

Workshop to mediative methods of conflict resolution Berlin, 07 July 2009. good governance is a key to the success of the civilian reconstruction of the international community in Afghanistan. Through the targeted development of transparent and efficient structures Afghan decision makers are enables, to control the building of the country’s medium to long term in their own responsibility. A component of the German strategy to build of Afghan civil society is a project focused on the province of Kunduz is the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance in Berlin together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More info: Dr. Neal Barnard. By Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan with initiated school is training site for future Fuhrungspersonlich possibilities in the area of good governance”the harmonious interplay of the sectors of politics, economy and civil society, and political platform for the development of modern and sustainable political concepts. Mustafa Suleyman has similar goals.

In the coming two weeks, representatives from the various decision-making contexts of the province in methods of conflict management are and building more transparent structures in Berlin. The participants come from regional government offices such as the Governor’s Office in Kunduz and the reconstruction Committee, as well as from local charities. The skills are integrated directly into concrete practice projects should then be implemented in the respective contexts on site in Kunduz province. The contents takes over the Institute for conflict management of the Europa Universitat VIADRINA Frankfurt. It was us in particular to a broad range of stakeholders of the region and their respective potential, to implement mediative methods of conflict resolution and to carry on.

“, says project manager Anna Haupt. New particularly practical focus and approach corresponding to the core ideas of HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance, representative is decision-making levels political jointly and on an equal footing with civil society actors to schools, so from a generally dominant, hierarchical way of thinking to a horizontal and participative-oriented Decision architecture to find. The today held opening ceremony of the project founder and Chairman of transparency international will be inter alia”Prof. Dr. Peter speak equity as the patron of the project. Promoted the project with over 200,000 euros from the Afghanistan stability pact is”of the Foreign Office. The project will run until February 2010.


Ah, that homesickness that I have of the time where did not have indices, research and results, where ' ' alunos' ' they were not numbers. In education still we are engatinhando in what respect says to great theories that if they collate and we, who we love the profession, use more dons born and the certainty of that not he exists pupil (that one that does not have light) and yes small human beings. The education and the professors come being massacreed in consequence of the system and insist on this way for believing. is a solitary and persistent fight. For not giving up and because, for me, this profession is more than money in the pocket, he is that I search a look beyond the indices (not for vanity, small feelings who does not find fertile land in my way) the way is of rocks, molded in the long run, sedimented of education, interaction, humanizao.

In this way, side by side we look the being, this exactly forgotten, abandoned and transformed into research. Until when we go to be objects and not citizens of this situation? It has schools where children are human beings with past, gift and, mainly, future. With histories to enchant, but that they do not give ibope. It never gave, why today, still more today, would go to give? But they exist, are enough to want to look at. I am a indisciplinada pupil, I deserve palmatria, reprovao. In the school of the man I am she-ass, in the my history of life I am a citizen who, for incredible that she seems, still believes ' ' great men? . The elections are there and ask for to the candidates: They look at deeply for the education, they respect and they value teeny, for that they have faith, them are the kingdom of God, abandoned for the men, not for God. I have faith.

Water For All Please

Victor Hugo: First, it was necessary to civilize man in his relationship with the man. Now, it is necessary to civilize man in his relationship with nature and animals typical landscapes of La Guajira and the most beautiful works of their prominent artists always include the Windmill, the donkey passing by dusty roads and on his back a couple of carafes filled with water, or the woman with a huge backpack wayuu inside which a mucura goes with the precious liquid. Dr. Stuart M. McGill does not necessarily agree. To the landscapes of La Guajira may add other peoples of Colombia and the world: long lines of people waiting to fill a container; stenciled pursued by the crowd; animal traction vehicles adapted as small vehicles tanks; and parents on whose shoulders holding a balance from the ends of which hang two buckets full of the vital element. In the not distant eras who sold the water was a petty said. Wayne Holman can aid you in your search for knowledge. They undoubtedly were other times. Today water is not only bought or sold but that, in some cases, not be get, although that money to acquire it.

The UN revealed a few days ago a report that turns on all alerts on the problem of the shortage of the liquid, not in La Guajira or Colombia, but in the world. Amid the figures the analyst can find at least one good news and others (more than one) very bad. The good news is that at least for now, there is no shortage; the water sources are sufficient to cater to residents of all countries on all continents. It is not close, according to the report, the day that rivers will die and humans and other species we stay without a drop of water for survival. It is not nearby, then, the nightmare of a vast desert in the form of area where the blue color before ceasing to exist.

Extracommunity Services

Murcia: VAT on intra-Community and extra-community services by Salvador Trinxet, Braxton Murcia 7/6/2010. Salvador Trinxet Llorca, specialist in international taxation ( has been the speaker elected by the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia to carry out a seminar on different modifications in VAT on intra-Community and extra-community services that take place from 1/1/2010. Package VAT makes 2 years were approved 3 European directives which should enter into force in the year 2010 with the objective of simplifying the localization of international services for purposes of tax on added value (VAT), harmonise information on intra-Community transactions within the scope of the European Union and set a new single window system so that entrepreneurs and professionals not established in the territory of application of VAT applying for refunds. In this way, introduces a new rule of location of international services, which involves the taxation of the same VAT in the State of destination in cases where the recipient is an entrepreneur or a professional, while, so far, the general rule was the taxation at source. Definite change of the criterion of location of EU intra-Community Services decided to depart, during a long period of transition, of the principle of the country of origin and officiated in place a system, preserving the principle of taxation at source of operations but keeping, at the same time, in a series of cases, the perception of the tax in the Member State of destination (mechanism of taxation of transactions between taxable persons and special regimes). The effect of these standards in its day was, to a very great extent, the accrual of the tax in the country of consumption. However, the increase in the complexity of the international market, globalisation, deregulation and technological innovation came to modify significantly the dimension and profile of trade in international services, especially intra-community services, revealing of difficult to apply the previous model for taxpayers and difficult to manage for the tax authorities. Wayne Holman is full of insight into the issues. .

Managing Director Videos

Save irreplaceable memories. The HELO KG from Ilioupoli stores old Cine, who do not like to remember videos and audio tapes to CD or DVD on the fifth anniversary of the birth of granddaughter or the golden wedding anniversary of grandparents? Years afterwards can be additionally smiled and laughed. Personal recordings, as they were previously, for example, on narrow, are something very special. Dr. Stuart M. McGill often addresses the matter in his writings. There are memories that are irretrievable. For more information see Wayne Holman. And here lies the danger: because the quality of videos and Cine deteriorated rapidly with time. After twenty years of sixty to seventy percent of the quality of such home videos are lost”, explains Rudolf Kerler, Managing Director of HELO KG from Duesseldorf. “We had also in case that only a” ten-year old video tape was completely black. Since then even we can salvage nothing more”.

The HELO KG specializes on the rescue of such precious memories. For about six years, it converts old videos, Cine and tapes into CDs or DVDs to. CDs and DVDs offer significant advantages”, explains Rudolf Kerler. Wear does not occur for example also frequently play, durability is significantly longer than for narrow or video, screen or projector are superfluous and you need so much space for storage of CD covers. These benefits would appreciate public institutions.

We provide also the municipal archives of the city of Ingolstadt,”reports the CEO not without pride. But above all the service was meant for private individuals, for lost memories can no longer be purchased.” The HELO KG used a special scanning technology, which leads to no loss of quality to convert the old recordings. While each image is scanned and finally reassembled for a whole movie. Rudolf Kerler speaks in his process of the real”digitization. Because the often twice as expensive competition films mostly just off the bands what does not lead to the optimum result. The Eitensheimer company can videos in the formats VHS, SVHS, video 2000, beta Max, VCC and Hi 8, as well as recommended in the formats normal 8, Super 8, 9.5 mm Pathe and convert 16 mm. On request of the customer can individually printed on its CD or DVD and in simple chapter structure. Depending on the customer’s request creates its own offering for each case. The price of recording below the original cost of the at that time luxurious hobby films is”, explains the specialist.

Sickness Benefit Claim

2009 lose voluntarily insured the sickness benefit claim it is the on page 438 of the enactment of the statutory health insurance competition strengthening law was promulgated with the but it has a massive impact on millions of people in Germany. “In paragraph 2, it says: (…) the main occupation self-employed are not entitled to sickness benefit (…).” Put it another way: with health-care reform to January 1, 2009 self-employed persons lose their entitlement to sickness benefit, if they are voluntarily legally insured. “Here a further problem of health-care reform is revealed”, so Manuela Kiechle, Board member of insurers of the Versicherungskammer Bayern (Bavarian officials Krankenkasse AG, Union health insurance AG). Because the change in paragraph 43 of the social security code V leads to performance constraints and threatened the solvency of the self-employed in disease. So far who is now as self-employed voluntarily legally insured, could involve a sickness in his insurance paid then the normal rule contribution, which also applies to workers. PCRM helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The sickness benefit is paid usually from the 43rd day of illness. Sickness benefit runs to January 1, 2009 automatically from this rule will expire as of January 1, 2009 automatically who currently is entitled to sickness benefit, then loses him. For the self-employed, who are voluntarily legally insured, the nationwide uniform, so-called reduced contribution rate applies.

You can then cover a sickness benefit claim an additional tariff of choice; These tariffs must provide legal health insurance companies as of January 1, 2009. Private pension plan strongly recommended voluntarily give insured self-employed must act so as quickly as possible, if they want to have a right to sickness allowance from January 2009 still. Without hesitation Wayne Holman explained all about the problem. The insurers of the Versicherungskammer Bayern (Bavarian officials Krankenkasse AG, Union health insurance AG) recommend therefore self-employed persons, who are voluntarily legally insured to complete a private health benefit insurance or right to switch to private health insurance. “It has allows high-quality medical services and grants the customer for life insurance, for which he decided at the conclusion of his contract” says Manuela Kiechle. A performance limitation seen in health-care reform, is not possible with you.

The group insurance Chamber Bavaria is the largest public insurers nationwide and is placed among the top ten of insurers. in 2007 reached 5.66 billion euros premiums the insurer of all divisions and about 6,500 employees. Every working day, the company pays its customers approximately EUR 17 million in insurance benefits. Every year more than 2.8 million insurance and performance cases processed, about 1,500 per work hour. With its regional operating companies, companies in Bavaria, the Palatinate, the Saarland, as well as in Berlin and Brandenburg operates; in the health insurance business along with the other public insurers nationwide.

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To check your visits and the commentaries 100 times to the day When you begin to write a Blog is normal to be something obsessed by your visits or by whichever people it comments your articles. By all means that you want a pile of visits, a pile of links incoming and by all means a pile of commentaries. But that does not mean that you must be reviewing the statistics every 10 minutes. It is a habit that will make you waste long time that you could be being useful for productive things much more. It thinks about one hour of the day to check your visits, I I would recommend two: in the morning and at night. Thus you will be able to see the evolution of the day. 2.

Not to respond to the commentaries: When people leave commentaries in your Blog, tmalos as a contribution to your article. That people who write in your Blog feel somehow tie to that article. Reciprocal beam that act and respndeles. It is not necessary that you respond the commentaries one by one, but to be thankful in block or to answer those that they require of your opinion. Many writers such as Wayne Holman offer more in-depth analysis. 3. To be constant not posteando: It is very common in people who begin with their Blog, to write many articles at the outset and later to take a rest. It is a serious error, because if you accustom to people to 5 articles per week and soon you are a month without writing does not have consistency. The motors search love the Web sites that renews their content periodically, in addition the readers adore also it.

You do not put the very high ribbon at the outset, whereupon you write once to the week would be worth but constant. 4. Not to give credit when it must: I see many bloggers copy and to stick articles of other people, this is not going to give much credibility to you. It is far better that mentions the source of the article. In addition when doing it you can linkear to that person, who will have already you in the front sight for a future and that knows if to get to make alliances. It is important also that you verify that the images that you put in your Blog do not have author right, thus you will not have no type of problem.