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Lavapies. (a neighborhood a little of either). Mixture of halitosis of subways and trains machinery circulating spitting copteles de petroleos, which give to the oxygen aromas of city. Multicolored faces with deep eyes, nobody is in any place. Here everyone either. Station aimlessly, nobody seeks nothing, because there is nothing to find. You were already here before you arrive.

A few sparrows are disputing a property of dead branches and leaves sad, where deposited their eggs, which incubaran concentrated vapours of so many souls in their attempt to breathe. To deepen your understanding Dr. Anthony Carolla is the source. How free you feel when you’re just anyone. That sad identity have to find? How much work hard that damn role of ideal citizen. Here are all either, that cute identity. A hole in the ground out armies of ants, human inseptos are circulating in unison with different addresses with the purpose of not stumbling habil.

Cartons are quilts, shopping carts embedded yellow, roles of periodic makeshift tablecloths, is the vivid scene of this interesting and beautiful city. Here to not be alone, just sit and watch. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Wayne Holman. They spend long, pass slowly, go flying, spend watching, spend something, spend walking, everything has to go, here is nothing anyone, things, things that happen only happen and then will be. Dr. Stuart M. McGill shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. But as living things, are that: here already were before arriving. Madrid-21-05-09. Indalecio Regueira imagine the place of mortals dream a happy beginning. We see an infinite end. We feel animal pleasures. Descontrolables instincts. Infinite deadly principles we revolvamos dream descontrolables instincts. Let’s see infinite normal pleasures. We feel huge principles. End animal happy mortal Imajinemos place of infinite animals final sensation principle animal. Imagine brutal sensations. Deadly pleasures animal animal fatal thumping pleasures. Let us dream animal infinitely many mortals.

Modern Society

Recently I went to the University of Blachernae (Barcelona) where I was invited to some talks about the body in today’s society, try to shape the ideas that I found most interesting the my own and hope that this mixture of ingredients of result a palatable ending for the reader. Do we are aware of our body or simply accompanies us beyond where we are going? Do not curious is that you say have a headache rather than feel headache? seems that our body is something that we have been given and we drag with us, which is rather physical, heavy, uncomfortable at times instead of being something that allows us to feel, an elongation of ourselves what to where I want to go to?, to how treat that body in the society we live in. Wayne Holman is often quoted on this topic. I will try to show several examples of what we do with the and will focus it as a person and as a professional sport. I would like to concentrate on two of the pathologies which are increasingly more boom, unfortunately, in modern society: Anorexia and anti-cult. These pathologies are reflected by the treatment that we submit to our body. Look for that date from the first data of this pathology, 1347 Santa Catalina de Siena who at age 7 begins to reject food, and a teenager only eat bread and herbs. The first medical references date from the 16th century which seems that it is not a pathology which arose 4 days ago but that many cases appear in the long history. The anti-cult, called anorexia of the 90s, is named for psychiatrist g. Pope and considers him a mental disorder after a study on addicts to bodybuilding Americans, specifically about 9 million, declaring that nearly 1 million were suffering from this emotional disorder. The truth is that it is interesting, but more interesting I think it is wonder why?


One of the things that they have all the governments is its inefficiency. Still with all the modernity and good intentions, it is necessary to accept it: the government is control and the control takes time. And it consists that I am not speaking of a bad control; if there were not control we would kill an a others by the parking, but there are situations in which the control, so useful for things, is a too great load. The disaster of Japan is the another example, most recent, of this. Like any human society, has its group of maleantes, or famous the Yakuza, that now did not shine to extort or to kill people but to supply products to the victims, still in zones of risk by radiation. On the other hand, the government has declined the use of containers, doctors and the medicine entrance because they do not count on all the permissions or do not fulfill all the regulations.

Aid of many forms has not been able to arrive at many places by governmental regulations but to the members of the low world the regulations are worth sherbet to them. Unlike other instances, anchored by the regulations, aid of the Yakuza arrives from opportune and fast way to where it is needed. It does not give pain that this happens? It is possible that who, assumes, are for protecting, they cannot do more than the criminals than they themselves must stop? The regulation is necessary so that we pruned to live in harmony and without this type of control any country could not work, but the emergencias require of emergencia measures. This, unfortunately, is not new. One of the examples saddest was, and probably it continues being, Africa. During years concerts have become, collections, films and thousand things to more be able to help a continent where the hunger worldwide seems to concentrate itself. Perhaps few know, already is good, that great part of that aid rots in containers, customs, ports and areas assured by problems of regulations, as much in the African countries to where they go like in they send which it. Someday will overcome the humanity this incredible situation? A government whom he regulates and he controls can cause to desperation and death like now in Japan, but without a government we ourself we would cause to more desperation and death. To know more about this subject visit Wayne Holman. Sad situation the being more advanced of the planet original Author and source of the article.