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Dale Carnegie

Other authors such as Carnegie published in his book How to win friends and inflir on people who only We use 15% of our brain, I say something the reality is that every one who sees the world as you want. I am not against any author or scientist, I only write in my experience and research. What follows are two reasons why is suspected on history of ten percent. (For a more complete and detailed, analysis reads the chapter of Barry Beyerstein in new book MIND MYTHS: EXPLORING EVERYDAY MYSTERIES OF THE MIND 1999). 1.-Research brain imaging techniques such as PET (positron emission tomography) scrutinisers and the (fMRI) functional magnetic resonance imaging) clearly show that the vast majority of the brain not inactive. It is true that although certain minor functions used only a small part of the brain at any given time, any set of complex enough activities or deep thoughts used many parts of the brain. Just as people do not use all your muscle groups at the same time, neither is used only once throughout the brain.

For a given activity, as eating, watching TV, making love or read these lines, you can use specific parts of your brain. But in the course of a day is complete, the entire brain is used at one time or another. How is it going. You want to point 2. Here is (human mind): 2.-the myth presupposes an extreme localization of functions in the brain. If necessary or used parts of the brain were scattered to the rededor of the organ, it would imply that much of the brain is in fact necessary. But the myth implies that the used part of the brain is an inconspicuous area, and the unused portion is like an appendix or a tonsil, taking space but essentially unnecessary.

But if all those parts of the brain are not used, then remove or damage this unused portion of the brain should not cause any problem, or at least any little minor problem. But people who have suffered trauma to the head, an attack, or other brain damage, are often severely incapacitate. You’ve ever heard to a did doctor tell: but fortunately when the bullet entered his skull, 90 per cent of his brain that does not use only harm?. Clear that do not. The human mind is so impressive that gives us to talk about this and much more, therefore I invite you to that you realize that our brains of entrepreneurs is not limited by anything and everything if everything is possible, the limit is our imagination. Finally, we can continue writing words, but I think I’ve understood the point, I invite you to leave me a comment if this information you to served something and help me to share it.

Fear and Anxiety

When the amygdala is activated triggers the feeling of fear and anxiety, and your answer may be flight, fight or surrender. Found that the feeling of fear is mediated by the action of antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin) in the amygdala and that the affection is it to the hormone oxytocin, also in the amygdala. Being considered a selective antagonist of vasopressin, SSR149415 compound that blocks the sensation of social fear – fear towards other animals of the same species – but not other types of fear; drugs that block the social fear of vasopressin antagonism it is possible that never marketed given missions, biological and other types, which has such a fear in the functioning of animal societies including the human (it is noted that ethanol inhibits the production of vasopressin); studies using magnetic resonance imaging of the cerebral amygdala are finding data that indicate that the so-called social psychopaths suffer atrophy of the cerebral tonsils causing them loss of social fear and the affection that characterizes them. It is interesting to note that the fear of physical harm provokes the same reaction that fear to a psychic pain.Yogananda in respect of the subject, says, that fear depletes vital energy; this is one of the greatest enemies of dynamic willpower. The vital force that usually flows through the nerves constantly, is squeezed from them in such a way because of the fear that the same nerves behave as if they were paralyzed, and the vitality of the whole body is reduced. Fear not will help you stay away from the object causing it, but it only weakens your will power. Impelled by fear, the brain generates an inhibitory impulse that acts on all the organs of the body, constricting the heart, interrupting the digestive functions, and causing numerous other physical disturbances. When stays focused consciousness in God, fear can not be shelter one; capacity is then available to overcome all obstacles, through value and faith recalls us, than for Osho, the difference between a brave person and a cowardly person is not in that the first has no fear and the second Yes.