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The Gallbladder

Of them, about 50% is estimated at carrier’s silent calculations. It is difficult to know for certain this proportion, because there are disorders gastrointestinal and urinary tract that can cause confusion as to the origin of abdominal symptoms in pregnancy. Undoubtedly, vesicular lithiasis is a usual pathology that affects women three to four times more than the man and one of the known predisposing factors is pregnancy, because bile that forms is thicker and, therefore, more litogenica7, 8, 12. MATERIAL and methods the study was conducted in the service of diagnosis by images of the Virgin clinic of the pillar of the city of Trujillo, Peru. Included 292 pregnant women at different stages of the gestation, in which, in addition to evaluating the characteristics of the pregnancy, the gallbladder was studied. The research was conducted in two times. The first part examined 60 consecutive patients, between June 24 and September 9 in the year 2000; in the second part were examined 60 patients, between June 2 and September 15 in the year 2001.

All the studies were conducted with a team of ultrasound Medisson 5000 Sonoet brand, with 3-5 Mhz of real-time convex transducer. Asked the patients that they come to study in six hours fasting. The obstetric examination was performed according to the Protocol that is followed in the service of diagnostic imaging, which includes, inter alia, assessment of the skull, neural arch and morphological characteristics of the fetus, biparietal diagnosis, length of the femur, heart, abdomen, amniotic, placenta. Once completed the obstetric evaluation, exploration spread the gallbladder in whose study is reversed in two or three minutes maximum. It must be noted that at the request of the treating physician, not intentionally sought the presence of vesicular disease and most of the patients were asymptomatic. Figure 1. Gestation in studied population (n = 120) results the average age of the patients was 27.

Healthy Relationships

You know, to follow the natural scale of love and make the principle materializes into action, the feeling of doing the right thing, accepting your own mistakes and the mistakes of others, assess the differences, created in you the ability to feel good. By way of brief x-ray: feeling good is born know you do the best you can do (the action of the verb), and your actions are born than you think more steadily, from your proper understanding of the principle. When you feel good is because you have correct thoughts and doing the right things. When your state of mind changed, then the best thing you can do is examine what are thinking and doing and whether this is in keeping with the principle to follow: love does simple? Yes, in fact, is very easy to put it on paper (or on the blog page), but it requires real value live this way. And the reason why I write about this is that together we start this journey, because I consider myself as a person who has reached this ideal of life, just because I write about him in any way. Day to day.

This trip is a daily affair. Every day our privilege is to love high fashion and this will produce true feelings of love, value, safety, peace, goodness, among others. We will not wait for us to others do well, but that we will take the initiative because we know that it is the best and because we feel so good about ourselves our self-affirmation comes from inside, already no more than outside. Now we can make a difference. We have the necessary knowledge and have the power to practice it. Now it is just a matter of us decide to live the love as a principle, to living excellence.

Natural Remedies for Gout

Has it awakened in the middle of the night with a sensation in the big toe as if it burns? It feels hot, soft and swollen and you experience pain at the slightest touch? You can experience an acute attack of gout (or gouty arthritis) a form of arthritis that is characterized by sudden, severe attacks of pain, redness and discomfort in the joints. Men are more prone to attacks of gout. Women are more susceptible to gout after menopause. Diagnosis of gout signs and symptoms of gout are almost always acute, happening suddenly (often overnight) and without warning. Gout is suspected when occurs a history of repeated attacks of painful arthritis at the base of the toes. Ankles and knees are joints also commonly involved affected by gout.

Gout usually attacks a juncture at a time, while other conditions arthritis, such as systemic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, usually attacking multiple joints at the same time. Symptoms of gout include: * pain common intense. If it is not treated, joint pain typically lasts five to 10 days and then for. Unrest subsides gradually over one to two weeks. * Swelling and redness at the juncture.

The affected joint swells and becomes soft and red. Patients may also develop fever with acute attacks of gout. The most reliable test for gout is finding uric acid crystals in the fluid obtained by the common aspiration an Office procedure done under local anesthesia. Liquid is removed from the situation inflamed, using a syringe and needle. The liquid is then parsed to crystals of uric acid and infection. Other means of help to diagnose gout may include: * radiographs may sometimes be helpful, and may show Crystal deposits and damage to the bone as a result of repeated inflammations. X-rays may also be helpful to monitor the effects of chronic gout on the joints.