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Howard Young

It would conquer its victims they would attract and them until a death trap. It cogitated that the protagonist would be a fool and searched the name of a syndrome to justify its acts and to attract the reader most demanding. It would emphasize the embroidery frames of the inherent feelings to the personages, having lead the captive reader for the form plot to pressure to it in to continue. It was thus, arquitetando the barbarous crime, that if approaches to one jovenzinha of only thirteen years of age that inhabited building the same. She was the most beautiful creature whom already it had seen. The girl was blond, had the blue-clear eyes, already a magnificent woman of satiated seios and formoso body sprouted in itself. Initially Howard if gets passionate for the girl, following to it the steps as if it was its bodyguard; after that she perceived that the young woman was of namoricos with two or three youngsters, always argued with the mother and were energy disobedient. As she imagined, this would be the justification of the homicide, it she killed those that seemed to represent a problem to the society, with vices and without admonitions.

Therefore she did not feel more remorse for the assassnio plan and judged themselves beyond writer, hired killer. She repairs the severity of this crime that story. The famous writer Howard Bottom finishes to incorporate the perverse personage who creates. A time it tangles the history of a maniac estuprador; then what our author would not have made this? Today they give arrepios to me to My face, the case is that you are very libertine! made affability very to it to very sight tears and, much blood of that young, before esbelta and desired. That pretty that you are! ‘ ‘ It admired to it for a long period.

Panic Attacks

Who suffers with the syndrome of the panic, needs to understand the process of formation of the panic reactions, so that then it can have greaters conditions to deal future with it and to prevent it. What then it is the panic upheaval? The word panic comes of the Greek ' ' Panikon' ' that it means scare or repetitive terror. In mythology Greek God Par who possua horns and foot of bode provoked fear in the peasants. According to DSM (manual diagnosis and statistician of mental upheavals), this upheaval is defined as an upheaval of anxiety, characterized for recurrent attacks of panic with or without agoraphobia. As already it was mentioned above the first crisis of panic occurs without no apparent reason for feels who it, however the subsequentes crises start if to bind to the situations or objects that were related to the first sensation of panic.

The development of the agoraphobia occurs because the patients start to fear to suffer new attack from panic where a previous one already has happened (elevating or closed places, for example). What it differentiates the panic of the phobia, is that in the panic the cause of the fear is endogenous (inside of the proper individual) and in the phobia the fear is of something external it. The main symptoms are: A short period of intense fear or discomfort where the four or more than following symptoms appear abruptly and reach the peak in about 10 minutes. Air lack, discomfort in the chest, acceleration of the cardiac beatings, extreme sweat (in the hands and the body), tremors in the hands or the body, nausea or badly to be in the belly, sensation of asphyxia (breathlessness), sensation of that will be able to faint (during the crisis), formigamento in the hands or parts of the body, sensation that will be able to die during the crisis, sensation to be losing the control or to be being wild.

Asperger’s Syndrome

Therefore, one of the first obstacles of these families is to make right the diagnosis. Many times cover true maratonas in psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists who arrive to confuse the syndrome with hiperatividade or deficit of attention, therefore ' ' they are subtle symptoms and many times parents 25 do not identify because they find that it is the skill of criana' ' , it affirms Cinara Zanin Perillo, psychiatrist specialist in infancy and adolescence. Ahead of this picture, it is difficult it family to be able to characterize a syndrome that is unaware of or that they know very little in its son, in way to as many contradictions, what requires, on the part of the professionals of the health, a intent and careful look in the hour to diagnosis this syndrome. However, today already one observes positive manifestations around the SA, mainly when this well is attended, as much for enabled professionals, how much of the family whom it looks to understand each time plus its son and the syndrome that it loads. The Syndrome of Asperger also became more known through films or drawings that portray this question, what it positively influenced the knowledge and information of the families in the whole world, as for example, ' ' Mary and Max a Diferente&#039 friendship; ' , animation that shows the problems of ' ' aspies' ' , as they are called, where in the fiction, Mary, of 8 years, a girl gordinha tapeworm, that deferred payment in Australia, becomes friend of Max, a man of 44 years, who has syndrome of Asperger and lives in New York.

Both have difficulty to make friends and start to change correspondences where they share joys and disillusionments. The film ' ' Much beyond jardim' ' also it portraies problematic of the syndrome of Asperger and its difficulties. Notadamente we know that it is very important the medias to deal with subjects as the SA, therefore collaborate with the recognition of the difficulties, but also of the abilities and capacities that these people have.