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They must always be associates to the biological tests, therefore separately it does not guarantee an efficient sterilization. (BRAZIL, 2001). The external pointers are ribbons of self-adhesive used basically to differentiate the not processed processed packages of. (BRAZIL, 2001) Brazil, 2001 Mentions that the types of internal pointers vary the sterilization processes in accordance with. They are divided in: Classroom 1: pointers of process (former: zebrada ribbon). It indicates that the material passed for the sterilization process. The materials must be used in all to be used.

For use of materials type package or box. Classroom 2: pointers for use in test specific (former: Bowie and Dick). It serves to test effectiveness of the system of vacuum in the daily pay-vacuum sterilizers. It carries through the detention of air bubbles and evaluates the ability of the sterilizers, daily pay-vacuum in air removal when the admitted vapor and, forming the vacuum. It must not have formation of bubbles that can compromise the sterilization process. It must daily be carried through, before the processing of the first load. Classroom 3: parameter pointers.

Projected to measure one of the critical parameters of the sterilization process: vapor, time, temperature or saturated vapor. Classroom 4: multi-parameters: Used to measure two or more critical parameters of the sterilization process. They indicate the exposition to the sterilization cycle. Classroom 5: integrated pointers: Projected to react with all the critical parameters of the process of sterilization, inside of a specific interval of sterilization cycle. Classroom 6: Simulators: Projected to react with all the critical parameters of the process of sterilization. The reading of the pointer is capable to mention possible imperfections in some specific parameter Test of Bowie-Dick, as Roman, 2010. p.2 For its accomplishment becomes a package with clamped fields one on the other forming a stack of 25 the 28 cm of height, in the way of this stack places a paper with ribbons of sterilizer or zebradas ribbons glue in cross form, covering all the surface of the paper.