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Fleas In Dogs, How To Resolve Bloch, Recommendations

Fleas in dogs – one of the most annoying aspects of the dog. Dog fleas are not only irritate your pet, but can also cause health problems. Fleas feed on the blood of your dog and can cause skin irritation, allergies, anemia and even death. Fleas also carry tapeworms and other various diseases. Check your dog for fleas every day, especially after walking in the street. In order to find fleas, you can use special comb.

Put a little Vaseline on the teeth, fleas will approach it. To disinfect the bite of fleas from your dog, you need to wipe the sting cotton pad with alcohol. Do not forget to watch the fleas between kicking the dog around the ears, armpits, head and tail. Look for the release of fleas, which appear as small black specks in the fur of your dog. Talk to your veterinarian before using chemical means of protection fleas for your dog. The use of any means of treatment for fleas without a prescription can be side effects, or they can cause allergies in your dog. Your veterinarian can recommend the best treatment for fleas eggs in such places, and will therefore be very difficult for you to constantly monitor your dog of fleas, if you do not regularly clean your carpets, curtains and soft furnishings. Try at least two or three times a year to show their pet veterinarian for prevention. It is not always a dog can be called healthy only by their appearance. Do not forget the dog can tell all your ills but the veterinarian.

Why Dinosaurs Became Extinct

Why dinosaurs became extinct November 18, 2007 tragedy at the mine to them. AF Zasyadko riveted world attention. Here coal is mined from a depth of more than a kilometer. Scientists argue that at such a depth (in Africa with a mine Coal deposits of up to five times lower), vegetation (forest relic) fell dramatically as a result of rapid shifts of the Earth's crust, called tectonic shifts. This shift led to the release, sometimes volcanic, magma from the Earth's mass, saturated with metals, including heavy. Hence the rare combination of originality, or Donbass – regional commodity barns Ukraine coal + polymetallic ores.

But Ukraine is not only known wonderful natural reserves, the country's large staff research potential. Today we poveduem about a new scientific hypothesis, which reveals the essence of the title of this article. Once again, we will be talking about coal. In order to understand what is happening now on the surface of our planet, we must look into its depths. Scientists suspect that iron-nickel core of our planet. One ton of coal ash South Wales (UK) show up to 78 kg of nickel. It is a lot and has industrial value for the extraction of metal from an ash.

And now look at the magazine "Science and Life ( 5-2007), who writes that for the last 50 years, ie from 1950 to 2000, consumption of fossil fuels has increased by 400%. We presume source of high heavy metal content of fossil fuels. This explains also, how is the massive pollution of the atmosphere today, from the atmosphere, and then in the Paleocene plants received heavy metals. Earth's biosphere in the Paleocene was ecologically very clogged. This author came to the conclusion that anthropogenic pollution of the biosphere is now is a small model of the global environmental Paleocene. Science idea or hypothesis, revealing the essence of this model is accepted for review and registration of Ukrainian and International (Moscow), associations of authors of scientific discoveries.