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Butter Cardamom

Geranium oil: This oil (usually sold as 'Geranium') – a powerful protective agent. Apply diluted on the skin or added to a mixture of happiness. GRAPEFRUIT OIL: A powerful cleaner, as well as added to the mixture for purification. BOUQUET sweet peas: Dissolved in oil-based, it helps attract new bunch of friends and loved ones, so often used in such mixtures. Jasmine oil: The symbol of the moon and the mysteries of the night.

Jasmine essential oil (currently) is extremely exciting flavor. Although it is incredibly expensive, one precious drop may be added to the mixture of love, mental perception, and the rest spirituality. It is also used to enhance sexuality. However, avoid synthetic oils! Ylang-ylang oil rich, tropical aroma of this oil is used for love, peace and sex. Applied to the body or included in the butter mixture Ginger: A powerful spicy aroma. Used in mixtures for sex, love, courage and raise money. Camphor OIL: Cold smell of this oil is good for cleansing and chastity.

Butter Cardamom: Delightfully spicy scent brings energy to the mixture of love and sex. CEDAR OIL: This oil woody smell. His energy is useful for increasing spirituality. OIL Cypress: Designed for protection, blessing and sanctification. This unique scent promotes healing and relieves pain of loss. Cilantro Butter: The natural oil of love and healing. Cinnamon oil: natural oil of cinnamon skin irritant Use no more than a drop in the mixtures for money and mental perception. Lavender oil: It's pure, fresh oil is used in mixtures for love, health, peace and reason.

Patrick Swayze

If you want to forget about problems with posture, the method for controlling body – Pilates – it's what you need. Where did this method? Joseph Pilates invented it, who, as a child, frail and sickly child, dreamed of becoming a strong and sturdy. Having tried a variety of sports, Pilates developed a system of exercise that combines the most effective movements and how they perform. Coming to America, Joseph and his wife opened their studio in which to conduct classes in their system. The fame of the stunning performance of exercises Pilates (so was called Joseph Pilates system of exercises) spread rapidly among the local nobility. Actors known athletes, celebrities and rich people wanted to get to school for Joseph. Madonna, Patrick Swayze, Bill Murray, Jodie Foster – that's just a small part of the list of famous fans of the method of Pilates.

For a long time, this system exercises was not available to ordinary people. But thanks to its great benefit print exclusive was finally lifted. And then many people used the method of Pilates to gain strength, health, noble bearing and learn to relax. You can also put the exercises of Pilates to his service. Pilates classes than attract? 1.

This, of course, fast results, if your aim is good posture. I have 3 days half-hour lessons back home was no effort to remain flat over time. 2. Classes help the body to be strong but not muscular. 3. The exercises are described by special shaped phrases that make you zadeystvuete subconsciously all the muscles without thinking about them. 4. Develops flexibility. 5. Restores the symmetry of the figure, the shoulders are aligned, etc. What is the difficulty of classes Pilates? 1). If you do a book, then challenge will be to remember long descriptions of exercises. I've decided for myself that difficulty – recorded audio file with these descriptions. Now, during my studies, I just turn on my record, I listen to all the necessary explanations and exercise. 2). No instructor is difficult to understand, correctly makes a move or not. The main thing here, to learn to listen to your feelings, to benefit and not hurt yourself. Therefore, when independent Pilates classes, please, do everything slowly and gradually increase the load. Feel a slight burning sensation in the trained muscles – go to the next exercise. To start the course, you just download and examine the book on the basics of Pilates. You can also purchase a video recording and do Pilates at home. Alternatively, you can enroll in a fitness facility and train there with the instructor. If you are serious about their back, try Pilates! I'm sure you will appreciate this training method on its merits. Welcome to reprint and distribute this article freely available on the condition of the text unchanged and all links in the persistence of working condition.

Powder Coating Paint

Powder Paint – Paint is a material that was developed in 60-70 years of last century. This brand new material has superior quality, appearance and distribution of powder coatings has been stimulated by a number of distinct characteristics. This remarkable material can easily be completely subjected to disposal, and when applied to the surface, he returned to full production cycle. Such a waste-free powder coating technology has become very popular. Usually required to apply only one layer in powder coating, rather than two or three required for painting with liquid materials. This apparent efficiency of the process of technological coating allows this type of paint to compete with other similar materials.

Powder coating contributes to a significant increase in labor productivity through a special automated equipment for painting work. This can not influence the choice of construction companies. Reduce the cost of electricity through the use of powder coating is especially important when the huge amount of work. Powder coating as an alternative to liquid paint can improve environmental facilities as well as powder paint contains no volatile substances (organic solvents, etc.) which makes it impossible evaporation of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Due to its chemical and physical properties of powder paint is good to use, it also reduces the explosion and fire hazard.

When applying powder color virtually not affected human health and the environment. That is, as already mentioned, due to the absence in the powder coating of harmful soluble and volatile substances. This makes possible many things. For example, the material loss is practically zero, since the application of such paints electrostatic and very effective. Moreover, not necessarily clean indoor air from contamination by means of special equipment, which sometimes is very expensive. Thus, the powder coating can not only reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment, but also significantly save money, because the flow of powder material is minimal and close to one hundred percent, do not need more time to apply paint to the surface of the powder paint and other species capable of forming surface coatings, which for quality and durability are successfully competing with conventional liquid coatings of various materials and ceramics. Therefore, powder coating stimulates an increase in the growth of special electrical equipment for the coating of the construction equipment market. Powder coating is designed for use on various surfaces, both metal and nonmetallic. Such paints are used for coloring the surfaces of home appliances (microwave ovens, refrigerators and etc.), air conditioners, various types of heaters, furniture, shelving, panels, all kinds of purposes, etc. Powder paint is used in the automotive industry. This huge area of application allows this type of material rapidly expand its production volumes. Powder coating exposed to the elements of decoration, detail, knots of cars and more. But the car industry is not limited to the use of powder paint. It is used for drawing on the surface of sporting equipment, lighting equipment, metal furniture. There is a growing demand for it and in the construction field, with this stained material of various designs and rolled metal.